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I am a born and raised California girl, full time mom of four and full time HR specialist my passion for crochet stemmed from a child in school I always loved arts and crafts anything that allowed me to use my hands and fiber.

 One day I decided that I needed to reintroduce myself to crochet. So I headed out to Joanns picked up a couple skeins of yarn and a 5mm clover crochet hook, and I fell in LOVE all over again.

 I stumbled on a little technique called graphghan and once again I was in LOVE, but I just had to figure out how to get those awesome photos onto a graph to crochet them. 

 I am a very determined person so the internet and YouTube became my buddy. Behold I found a couple tutorials and I was ready to jump in.

 I cannot say that I was solely able to master the technique of graphghan designing, I made and left relationship but knew with my good nature and heart that I would be able to rely on the help of a few good designers I had met along my journey.


My journey has had its up’s and downs as any journey would, but my humbleness and support of my group members makes up for the bad days.



Thank you for your support


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